About Theresa


I am medium Theresa and first of all I would like to welcome you to my website. You are curious about me and my powers and I am pleased to offer you an insight into my life. I have no secrets whatsoever.


My special background


I was raised in a warm family. My mother has the same clear, omniscient and sentient gifts that I have. My father was only spiritually minded. I inherited my special powers from my mother’s bloodline. 

I did not know much about this as a little girl and my mother protected me from it too. Still, I recognised certain signs even then. My intuition has always been very strong and, for example, I foresaw that my school teacher was pregnant before she knew she was. Extraordinary, don’t you think?

I did occasionally see ghosts, which was very frightening. I knew my mother saw it too because one day she took me to one side and told me that I had nothing to fear. They are simply souls that have passed on to the other world and she made me realise that it is a blessing that I can see them. After all, later on in my life I would be able to help people with this gift. I did not understand what she meant by that at the time, but now I know different.


The accident


Unfortunately my troublefree childhood did not last long. One fateful day we got into a car accident while we were on holiday. I foresaw this too but fate would have it that my father decided to drive that day and dismissed my vision as a child’s fantasy. I will never know why my mother did not stop my father that day. To this day, she sends me visions showing me that it was simply their time. 

A truck hit us from behind. I was thrown out of the car and fell against the concrete. My parents died instantly. I too saw the light and my parents at the end of the tunnel. As I almost reached the light myself I felt a hand on my back. I knew I still had unfinished business in the astral world. My spirit guide brought me back to earth and whispered in my ear that I was to develop my psychic abilities. I was only seven years old when I lost my parents.




Following my lengthy rehabilitation I moved in with my grandmother. She was renowned in the spiritual world and she turned out to be much stronger than my mother in her psychic abilities. While I was living with her I developed my own talents with my strict grandmother as the teacher. 

I am able to describe someone’s character in great detail immediately and I foresee things from past, present and future. My clear omniscience and sentience has proved itself by now. 

I have given comfort to many people because through my spirit guides I am able to communicate with the dead. Not only do I provide solace, I have also showed hundreds of people the future and provided answers to important life questions. I do not always use props like numerology or tarot cards. My gifts are entirely innate and intuitive, and only occasionally will I use something like hand reading to help me. 

Over time it became clearer and clearer that I was to follow in my ancestors’ footsteps and what my destiny was; to help people who are in trouble.


My mission


Because of my past I know like no other what it feels like to be unhappy. But I found the spiritual power to overcome this. It is my mission to help others to find their happiness in life as well. 

Nowadays I apply all my psychic abilities full-time to be of service to those who need it. I do this in a very personal way, with much love and attention. Are you the one who needs my clairvoyant gifts and do you want be open to a better and spiritual world? 

Do not hesitate any longer; I am reaching out to you.


handtekening medium Theresa