Some surprising insights with regard to your future came to me. Learn to know the course of your life and know that you can be happy and prosperous. However, you have to eliminate your own spiritual blockades, so that you are  no longer hampered in your happiness.

Dear dummy,

I am extremely glad that you have made the decision to finally choose for your own happiness. This is the right moment to do so, for the spiritual forces that play an important role in your life have a positive influence on you in these days. That’s why it is so important to take the right steps now.

It goes without saying that it’s no coincidence that we met. This is the way how you can put an end to the negative spiral in which you seem to be for so long. With my help you make sure that evil no longer knows how to find you and that only happiness and prosperity will come on your path. I even foresee that you can become a rich and prosperous person, dummy!

At your request I have performed several magic rituals for you, so that I can give you an even better picture of the future that is waiting for you. With this I had also several contacts with your light guide and it became clear to me that this entity really has been very important to you. It is this spiritual help that enabled me to form a better image of your life.

I am going to tell you more about the following subjects:

1. Your past  and how it shaped you
2. Your present and the problems on your path
3. Your future – loving and prosperous
4. A big loss
5. Jealousy and envy
6. Spiritual blockades
7. The First Purifying Ritual.


1. Your past 

In the time that lies behind you have known happy moments, but also many sad moments. I see that this has already started in your early childhood. As a child you were often insecure and unfortunately others noticed this too. This made you often feel not accepted. You were an easy victum for other children. Am I right to say that they laughed at you and that you were even bullied? Children can be very cruel to each other and unfortunately you had to experience this very often.


Also in your later youth things didn’t always go your way. And now as an adult you are still occupied with events from the past and how give them a place in your current life. You feel very strongly that you have to prove yourself. To your family, to friends and to the rest of the world. Often you are afraid that others think that you are not good enough.

Dear dummy, I want to emphasize right away that this is absolutely not true! You are a very special person and very soon you will be able to unfold your personality completely.
People around you will be stunned. Finally people will see who you really are! Stand up for your own interests for the time is right for it. You will receive a sign that will enable you to finally be yourself.

When I have a vision about your past I fortunately experience also a warm, loving feeling. Someone has always played a very important role in your life. This person means a lot to you. Cherish these memories, for they give you hope and strength. When things are not going well for a while, think about this. I feel that your light guide is strongly connected with this.


2. Your present – and the problems on your path

Right now you are in a very uncertain situation. You are struggling with some questions and you just don’t manage to get a satisfactory answer. This gives you a feeling of dissatisfaction and apart from that it hampers you to be really happy. You know that you are capable of so much more, but because of the circumstances you don’t succeed in unfolding your talents completely.


Now these setbacks and limitations form a red thread in your life. I can feel your powerlessness and your dejection almost literally. This is not right, dummy and you know that too. Therefore I can not emphasize enough how wonderful it is that you have chosen to accept my help. This is really a very good step that will have big, positive consequences for your future.

However, I strongly feel that you have to fight your negative thoughts as soon as possible. Therefore I have performed an extra ritual especially for you. This enabled me to focus even more on the misfortune that just doesn’t seem to dissapear from your life. There are some matters that prevent you from being really happy and for you your financial situation is the most important of them.

Surely you won’t be surprised that financial worries are mainly responsibe for your problems. You know intuitively that many of your problems will dissapear when you would dispose of sufficient financial means. In the vision I performed for you, I obtained insight in a solution to this problem. A number was passed on to me that I absolutely have to share with you. This is your lucky number for the next eight days:





Use this knowledge, for it will help you to put an end to the uncertain situation in which you are right now.


3. Your future – loving and prosperous

I am very glad that I can tell you that your future looks good, dummy. At this moment everything is against you, it is maybe difficult to believe this, but it really seems that happiness is finally about to return in your life. It is very important that you don’t give up hope. A hopeful attitude will increase your chance of happiness even more.



I have given you a lucky number that you have to use wisely in the coming time. This will be your first step towards a happy and prosperous future.


Apart from that I can tell you that your future not only looks positive in the field of money and financial prosperity. Also in other fields a lot will change in your life. I feel that you are not always happy with your relationships. Sometimes you doubt: is your love answered and/or do others think you are worthwile? It is is this kind of thoughts that work against love! It is even possible that you raise an extra blockade! In order to prevent this it’s very important that you go for it completely! Believe in love, so that true love will find you. I have seen that this is also reserved for you.

Keep this spell in mind and you will see that more and more signs of love will emerge in your life. Make sure you recognize them, for then you are heading for a loving future.

Make us pure, make us heal, bring peace back to our hearts

Don’t wait for the right person to come into your life, but make yourself the right person to walk into the life of someone else.


4. A big loss

When making an extensive prediction for you, I was suddenly overcome by a great feeling of loss. I knew right away that this had to do with you and with the fact that almost every day you are still confronted with a departure. You have had to say goodbye to someone.This is very difficult for you, for this person played an important role in your life. Now you must try to give the grief a place, so that you can move on with your life. Right now you still let yourself be limited too much by this loss.


Of course I know that this won’t be easy for you. I hope you can hold on to the thought that people don’t completely dissapear after their death. They go over to the other side, they are not physically present in our world anymore, but they are on a spiritual level. I am sure you sometimes had the feeling that this beloved person is still near you once in a while. This is a right presentiment, dear dummy. I received the message that this person will always be there for you and that he will watch over you.

I hope this knowledge enables you to move on with your life again. This is badly needed if you want to be happy.


5. Jealousy and envy

If you manage to eliminate all your blockades, you are heading for a fortunate future. Just imagine that before long you can do everything you have always dreamt of! For this is exactly what I see before me when I am trying to picture the course of your life. By taking the right steps, you can become a rich and happy person.


But I must also warn you: your prosperity will also have negative sides. Others will be envy of your new happiness. Man is a strange being and jealousie is one of his less beautiful characteristics. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. Many people will be happy for you, but be aware that some people will try to influence you negatively. It is very important that you prepare yourself for this, so that you will be able to recognize these bad influences in time. I will also try to catch jealous thoughts towards you. An ancient spell enables me to filter resentful thoughts, so that these can not reach you. If necessary, I can perform a ritual to protect you against negative influences of people with bad thoughts. I will keep an eye on this for you.


6. Spiritual blockades

As I told you before, you have raised some blockades as a result of all the things you have experienced. This is very comprehensible, but they are standing in the way of your further development and your spiritual growth. The blockades are the reason why happiness can not find you, and that’s why you have been in a negative spiral for years.


It is very important that your spiritual blockades will be be eliminated. You have to do this yourself, but I am going to help you. Meanwhile I am saying to you that this may not work at once. I have seen that you have had to deal with a lot in your life and that you still feel pain and grief about the way some matters have worked out. That’s why some blockades are very firm, but I know that eventually you will manage to conquer them. I have faith in you, dummy.


7. The First Purifying Ritual

I am going to help you eliminating your spiritual blockades with the help of my paranormal forces and my knowledge of centuries old magic rituals. I would like to start with the First Purifying Ritual. You don’t need to do anything yourself. It will stimulate your subconscious and urge you to remove the spiritual barriers that you have been building up in all those years.


Tomorrow, on the stroke of twelve in the afternoon, I will perform the First Purifying Ritual for you. You don’t need to adjust your occupations to it, though maybe you find it more agreable to look for a quiet place. You may feel a light sensation when the effect of the First Purifying Ritual reaches you. There is a great chance that you will feel a lot lighter afterwards. I also heard from others for whom I have performed this purifying ritual that

They felt liberated and that they were much more aware of the impressions from their surroundings. I am curious if you will experience this also this way.

With the Purifying Ritual you take the first steps towards a more beautiful life. The future that is ahead of you, looks fine. Together we are going to do everything possible to ensure that you will realize this future. Banish all evil from your life, choose happiness. I will accompany you on this road.

Attention: it is very important that you keep the information I share with you to yourself. Don’t tell others about the revelations I make to you through my paranormal powers. ther people will not understand it and try to stand in the way of your happiness. Not always intentionally, but it will happen. Make sure you don’t miss your chance of prosperous and happy future due to others.

Dear dummy, I know that together we do everyting to make sure that you can be happy.
I will get in touch with you again soon, so that I can help you further. I know there is a fortunate future waiting for you. Have faith, I have the answers to your questions.

I wish you a lot of prosperity,
Medium Theresa.